CUSS Running Challenge #16

Slow It Down

Slow it Down Challenge
As each day passes of my pregnancy, I get slower and slower. At first, it was frustrating. Now, I’ve embraced it. I notice things in my neighborhood that I’ve somehow missed running.

For this challenge, you are to walk 3-5 miles. Use this slow speed to take a new perspective on your usual running routes. Sorry to say, that hiking does not count. You’ve got to keep to the sidewalks for this challenge. Use #cussrunning on Insta so others can see the nonsense you’ve created. Or post in the FB group.

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Curious Ultrarunner’s Secret Society was established to inject a sense of whimsy into training calendars, split times, and fartleks. Our goal is to build a community that creates a space for the individual to fall in love with the magic of running.

Mission: To help others fall in love with ultra trail running

Vision: To make you and the world slightly better through laughter & pain

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