CUSS Running Challenge #15

Stop and Smell the Roses

Cuss Running Challenge #15

This past weekend, I went exploring on new trails. Now, I’m pretty guilty of always having at least one ear bud in, listening to a podcast or Celine Dion or something like that during a run.

However, since it was a new trail, I wanted to take in all the sights and sounds.

That’s what led to me getting some solid endorphins about half way through the run, gliding down the trail with my arms out, blissfully living in the moment. Radar led me down to the water for a break and instead of rushing her along, I sat there on a log and sat in the moment. It was a few minutes of mindfulness that I’m carrying with me through the work week.

This week’s challenge is to find your own moment. Whether it be stopping to observe spring blooms, take in a nice view or observe a cool breeze. My only rules are that you cannot plan the moment and you must sit in it taking in every sensation you find in the moment. While you may document the moment in a picture, I encourage you to take the photo afterwards.

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Completion of this challenge counts towards your initiation goal.

If you need a recap of the previous challenges, just shoot me a message.

Tag us on social media or use #cussrunning. Be sure to join the Facebook Group too.

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