running challenge

Chief Magician

Ally Gregory

Ally is the the Lordship Sky Keeper of CUSS Running.  Having completed Vol State in 2014 for some reason Ally still enjoyed running.  A curious person, Ally enjoys secrets, the inspiration behind the Curious Ultrarunner’s Secret Society. Ally brings adventure, and snacks on every run. Oh, and her faithful pal, Radar ‘The Danger Dog’. Together they help defend the Chicago streets from rogue squirrels.

Director of Fast Jogging

Elaine Young

Among the founders of CUSS Running Elaine considers herself the more serious non serious runner. Her favorite distance to run is 6 to 10 miles on sunny days when the temperature is just right. Elaine refuses to be inconvenienced by things like adverse weather or cloudy skies. On those days she simply imagines running instead. Elaine brings humor to every run because why the hell not.

Senior Executive

Radar 'The Danger Dog'

Radar considers herself a ‘plant based endurance athlete’. The most serious runner of us all Radar loves running. Fiercely loyal, funny, and athletic Radar is cool, her fur is powerful. When she is’t chasing trails or squirrels you can find Radar doing Yoga.