2024 CUSS Runner Qualifications

Time for Nonsense


It’s time for the initiation to begin.

To become a member of the 2024 CUSSing runner recruiting class, you must do the following.

1. Complete 10 CUSS challenges.
2. Send me an email detailing why you want to be a CUSSing runner.
3. Send me 1 idea for a CUSS challenge.
4. Volunteer at a race
5. Pace someone at a race
6. Do a 6+ mile adventure run with a friend
7. Complete a Journey Run (An unsupported road run, typically using gas stations and fast food as aid stations. If you want help planning yours, let me know. Distance of your choice)

8. Try out a different sport.

9. Become someone’s biggest cheerleader this year. Do what you can to support someone else’s goal.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will be sent your membership rewards. These include a  2024 CUSS Racing jacket & patch.

To encourage your fellow initiants, use #cussrunning on Insta and join the FB Group.

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