Running Trails

When you’re first contemplating making the switch from running roads to running trails, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Do you need new shoes? Will you get lost? What if you have to pee?

These are all questions that I’ve heard from potential trail runners.  My response is always the same. If you’re thinking about making the switch to running trails, then it’s time to think about a mindset switch.

Yes, people run fast on trails. Yes, trail running is a super competitive sport. However, what makes trail running so magical is that you are truly absorbed in your surrounding. You are running through nature. You are free and you are wild.

First step, figure out what trails you want to run. Print off a map. Make sure that you orient yourself once you’re in the parking lot and that someone knows where you are.

Then, start slow. Make sure you’re checking your map at every single turn. Or don’t and get lost if you’ve got a good sense of direction.

A couple of miles in, I encourage you to stop completely and take in the area around you. Take in the stillness and take in the sounds. One of the best parts of trail running is feeling like you’re the only one around for miles. Just you and mother nature strolling hand in hand.

FAQS – Running Trails

  1. Do you need trail running shoes? – No. You don’t. Not at first. Normal road running shoes will get you by just fine while you’re getting the hang of it.
  2. What if you have to pee? – Um. You’re in the woods. Just step a few feet off the trail and go for it. It’s liberating. I promise.
  3. How will it impact my pace? – You’ll probably go slower at first. This is normal. Plus, trail running usually involves sharp inclines and declines which can cause your pace to vary wildly. You’ll even incorporate some power hiking.

If you have questions on how to start running trails, shoot me a text (773-633-8986) or email. I’m always happy to discuss running.


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