Running an Ultra

Anyone who runs an ultramarathon is an absolute beast in my opinion. Running an ultra is a true accomplishment whether you are a front, middle or back of the packer. I applaud you all. However, some people out there in the Universe are just on a whole other plane of existence when it comes to running ultramarathons. Below are the top 5 ultrarunners that grace us with their running presence.


#1 – Camille Herron

Seriously. I’m not saying that Camille Herron is a superhero. What I am saying is that she is a running goddess and you should build an altar for her next to your treadmill. She has world records. She’s won the top ultras. She is female empowerment in physical form, outrunning men at major races. She runs with an endless joy that I find to be both fascinating and inspirational.


#2 – Scott Jurek

Maybe you’re sick of hearing about this OG ultrarunning phenom, but I’m not. I will buy every one of his books and watch all of his insta stories. Why? The dude can run. His form seems effortless. He dashes up and down mountains with ease. He won Western States like 7 times or something insane like that. He set an FKT on the AT. However, it’s his true empathy for the world around him that I find most admirable.


#3 – Coree Woltering

I’ve got a huge running crush on Coree. The delightful way that he approaches running and his ability to both not take the whole sport too seriously while being a committed athlete is impressive. He runs ultras in the most adorable speedo and I’m here for it.  He set the FKT on the Ice Age Trail surviving an absolute tick catastrophe and a crazy ankle injury. Also, having actual queer representation in what has been a super heteronormative sport is just the best.


#4 Amelia Boone

My absolute favorite thing about Amelia is that she just does what she wants to do without concern for others’ judgement. This broad has done a Barkley loop and also takes out her Elliptigo on the regular. Pure badass in every form. Her openness about her mental health struggles helps shine a light on dark spaces of our world. It takes true bravery to open herself up to the world like she has and we’re all better off for it. Check her out and admire her just like I do.


#5 – Karen Jackson

Oh, you don’t know Karen? She doesn’t have any ESPN articles about her. What she does have is a true following of fans worldwide. She’s been gracing the Southern ultra scene for a while. You’ll recognize her by the gorgeous silver locks always flowing perfectly as she passes you in every race. She started running ultras later in life and came to find that she was a total natural. She’s a total badass in every sense of the word.


That’s it. Those are the top 5 ultrarunners as ranked by my brain. If you’re thinking about running an ultra for the first time, I highly encourage you to look into these runners. Check out their stories, their motivations and their running philosophies. Let them inspire you when the running gets hard. And it will get hard. Then it will get easier. Then it will get hard again.


Honorable mentions go to:

  1. Jason Green for creating an amazing ultrarunning community and having the best accent of anyone I’ve ever know.
  2. Kaci Lickteig for having a positivity that elevates those around her.


Who are the top ultrarunners in your opinion? When will you be running an ultra?


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