I had been meaning to make my way up north to Labagh Woods for a while. However, it took another runner suggesting a visit to the Bohemian Cemetery right next to LaBagh Woods for me to finally make the trip.

LaBagh Woods

The weather person predicted a heat index over 100 degrees so I was out the door by 7am in an attempt to knock this run out before the sun was beating down. The entrance was about 6ish miles from my house. It was easy to find thought the trails heads aren’t really well marked. That didn’t matter to me. As soon as I discover a hint of single track, I’m on it.


You can tell by my face that I’m delighted. The path cuts over the North Branch Trail then drops you down next to a pond, or maybe it was the River. Paths cut all sorts of ways with no clear order. Some had fences blocking them off for ‘restoration.’ What most impressed me, as how remote the woods managed to feel despite being off of a busy greenway and bordering a parking lot. Though part of that remoteness could be attributed to my mind’s ability to just be in the woods, no matter how close the real world is at that time.

In spite of the poor markings, I’ll definitely be back to see just how much distance I can achieve by mixing up all the different trails.

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