This pandemic forced us out of the city on Friday. as we were all having a quarantine breakdown.  We decided to continue our exploration of the trails of Chicago. The weather was miserable, so we knew that it would be easy to practice social distancing on the trails. The Chifecta rode up through Palatine to Deer Grove Forest Preserve. After some confusion about where to park, we found the orange trail and were on our way.

This was our first time on these trails. The internet wasn’t wrong when it said that these trails are poorly marked. I’m tempted to go out there with some paint and other markings myself in order to help the trail runners that come after me.

In spite of the poor trail markings, we found our trail. Made up of crushed limestone, with some mud splashed in for good measure, it was a wide trail. This allowed us to go alongside each other, with Radar the Danger dog weaving in and out.

Now, this is called Deer Grove Forest Preserve. However, I was still thoroughly surprised when we rounded a bend and were greeted by 3 large does.

We only covered a few miles, which means that we’ll definitely be back to explore more.