Horner Park

When you are Trailless in Chicago, you’ve got to jump on the opportunity to hit single track among the stacks of concrete.

I first spotted the trails at Horner Park while kayaking the Chicago river with Elaine and Radar the Danger Dog. The rows and rows of wildflowers greeted us as we turned a bend in the river. I made a mental note of the trail that I spotted snaking up from the banks of the river.

A few months later, we were checking out a new dog park, Horner Dog Park. After Radar did her fair share of sniffs and snubbing any dog that wanted to play with her, we went to explore the rest of the park. That’s when I found the trails.

Cushioned single track winds its way up and down the embankment separating the Eastern edge of Horner Park from the Chicago River. I started at the Southern tip of the trails where you can go directly from the paved path that circles the park, straight down to the water. I repeated this until my calves were burning.

You’re able to perform a couple different sets of figure 8s without touching your toes on the same trail twice. 3 repeats will get you a solid mile and roughly 10-25 feet of elevation gain, depending on which route you take.

These trails are definitely worth building into the middle of a long Chicago run just to keep things interesting. Don’t skip these in the summer where the wildflowers grow several feet tall, blocking the view of the city around you.

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