River Trail at Lathrop Homes

In my exploration of new routes that minimize my interaction with people, I’ve stumbled upon a new segment of Chicago’s expanding River Trail.

Most recently, I was on Damen heading North. Once I crossed the bridge over the river, I noticed a set of stairs on my left, shrugged and jogged down them. Who was to know that this was a passageway to a parallel Universe?


Radar led the charge.

The trail technically starts over on Clybourn. Just north of the C&W Auto body & Glass. From there it follows the river North. The section below is called the ‘Jimmy Thomas Nature Trail.’ Jimmy lived at the Lathrop Homes complex and was one of the original designers of the river trail, so thanks Jimmy.


Radar now questions our decision.

The path has been completely empty every time I’ve jumped on it. It’s only .8 miles long. Just before you hit Diversey, the greenway juts out over the river before dropping under the Diversey bridge and following the River past Lathrop Homes.

From there, you’re back on the neighborhood streets and back in the real world.

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