Running During a Pandemic

With more and more states adopting ‘Shelter in Place’ policies and the CDC restricting their guidelines on human interaction more every day, it’s got a lot of people wondering if they can even run outside.

Spoiler Alert. You can.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for new runners, old runners, magical runners, trail runners, ultrarunners, etc, to keep up their exercise routines for mental health. Shit’s crazy out there and running is a proven outlet to get some of that insanity out of your head.

Be safe!

In Chicago, our Mayor closed the popular running paths due to people crowding on them during sunny days. Maybe the politicians in your area did the same. Or maybe your favorite trails are now overwhelmed with all the other people who just want an escape from their homes. That doesn’t mean you can’t run, you just have to change things up some.


  1. If you’re in a city, like me, running through alleys is an excellent way to easily avoid people. It seems lately that everyone is out walking every time I go for a run. Lucky for me, I have a terrible sense of smell.
  2. Most runners avoid high vehicle traffic roads for obvious reasons. The good news is that right now, there’s less vehicle traffic and other pedestrians avoid these routes too. So jump on that major thoroughfare for your long run this week. Maybe you’ll even find $50 like I did.
  3. Morning running is still a ghost town. It took me 9 years of being a runner before I finally embraced the morning run. You roll out of bed and within minutes your confused legs are tumbling you forward. I encourage you to try it out.

Seriously though, just be smart about running during a pandemic. Give people way more than 6 feet of distance when you pass them. Wear a buff. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face.

And, at this time, I really think you should acknowledge everyone you pass with a wave or a friendly ‘hello.’ We could all use a little more human connection right now.

-The Cussing Runner.

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