The 606

The 606 is most likely the 2nd most popular running trail in the wild urban forest that is Chicago. It winds over neighborhoods allowing views into stranger’s yards and glimpses of the skyscrapers downtown.

The 2.7 miles of trail will take you through probably 7 neighborhoods, a small forest, under train lines, past a dog park and drop you off at large playground. To trail runners in Chicago it is a mountain of concrete. It’s ramps with a steep 5 feet of elevation gain a piece will burn your calves. (If you run up and down them 50 times as I once did.)

The 606 is best enjoyed early in the morning or in the middle of winter. If you wake up on a beautiful Chicago summer day and think to yourself ‘Oh, what a gorgeous day to run on the 606’ you would be incredibly wrong. On a sunny day, everyone packs onto the 606 to experience what standing in line at Disneyworld is like. You will not be able to run. You will be forced to squeeze past strollers 6 feet wide

The best part of the 606 is the rubber lining along the outside of each side of the path. The softness of the cushion almost, ALMOST, will make you believe that you’re stepping smoothly on a delicate single track in the middle of a densely populated forest away from everything.

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